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Friday, February 26, 2010

Two interviews in one week by Small Town Living and The Shelby County Reporter

My latest Artdoll Trading Card, love this!

I have been so blessed to have been interviewed at all, let alone by two reporters in just one week!
I was recently contacted by Samantha Hurst, a very nice reporter for the Shelby County Reporter. She had visited Greystone Antique and Marketplace on Hwy 280, in Birmingham Alabama, where I lease a room in which I sell vintage furniture, teacups and of course, MRS.T.BAGG. Ms. Hurst told me at our interview yesterday, (Thursday Feb 25th) that when she realized MRS.T.BAGG was made by a local artist, she knew she wanted to interview me for their Lifestyles section of the Shelby County Reporter newspaper.
I thought I'd be nervous. But when I get to talking about my love of sculpting these little heads, I lose my inhibitions and I can go on, and on, and on...
There was also a freelance photographer at the interview. I don't remember his name but he was very nice. He will be making a disk of the many photos he took during the interview for me. I hope he got my good side :)
I'll post some of those photos here too.
I just completed a written interview for Tina Wilson, an editor of the online magazine, Small Town Living. Here's the link-
You should check out this magazine, they have a wonderful variety of subjects and writers. There is a tab on the right side of the home page called profiles. In profiles they have many interviews of other artists. That is where my interview will be posted in a week or two. I'll be sure to post a link to it from here when it's listed. And I'll post a copy of the newspaper interview when it publishes in about two weeks.
I am so grateful for this opportunity to share what I do with people I've never met. Thanks to all the wonderful people that find what I do interesting enough to take it home with them!

As my new friend in France, Aude Berger, writes " I send you strong hugs!"
I'm sure something's lost in the translation, but I think it's cute!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beautiful Altered Victorian Ephemera

Louise looks so pretty nestled in this arbor! Love my photoshop program! These pretty cards will be made into magnets and will also be offered as a free Artdoll Trading Card with each purchase of MRS.T.BAGG. On the back of the trading cards will be a fun little profile about each character. I also will be signing the back of the Artdoll Trading Cards.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eunice- an Art Trading Card and Magnet

I just giggle every time I look at this card! I have truely found a new passion in these vintage victorian greeting cards. I'm glad I have so many MRS.T.BAGG images to play with...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beautiful New Artwork for the Lovely MRS.T.BAGG!

I have found the most lovely antique graphics free online from some very generous bloggers! I will post a button somewhere on my blog to "pay it forward"!

As you can see, I have repurposed these vintage pictures to showcase MRS.T.BAGG. I love my Adobe Photoshop Elements. The MRS.T.BAGG introduction picture is actually an antique victorian marriage certificate. I'm on the hunt for more of these grand graphics to create some stunning Art Trading Cards for MRS.T.BAGG. This is so fun...

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I love this vintage Valentine, so romantic. I wish everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Isn't this the most beautiful blue sky you've ever seen? These pictures were taken in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

My wonderful husband Jerry took these pictures of me as I shivered in my far too flimsy coat.
It had to be the coldest day I've ever experienced. The blue sky was so deceiving!

Jerry would say, "stand over here" and "stand over there". Then he said, "stand... right... here." As he looked through the view finder, he reached up over his head, grabbed a low hanging branch and gave a pull...

...And then, to my surprise, a huge pile of freezing snow fell all over me as the camera went "click"!
I love my Jerry!

Monday, February 1, 2010


I had a wonderful visit to my hometown in mid-western Kansas last week.
And yeah, it SNOWED! It was so magical.
Living in Alabama limits the amount of snow I see each year, unless I go find it back home!

I especially like to take pictures of trees in winter. So beautiful in it's icy simplicity.

I have a new wonderful camera, the Sony Cyber-Shot, full HD 1080. It's so user friendly and has so many cool features, one of them being the sparkle effect. I applied this effect to the next two shots. So pretty...

"The Fairy Tree"

I think this is my favorite picture from my trip to Kansas.

I really like my new camera! Thanks Santa!

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