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Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby Darjeeling is born!

Welcome the newest addition to the MRS.T.BAGG collection!

Her name is Baby Darjeeling, named for a flavor of tea popular in India. And it sounds an awful lot like the word darling, and she is definately darling!

This Baby Darjeeling is the first in a new line of MRS.T.BAGG characters I hope to introduce soon.

Ahh, but this first little sweetie is all mine!...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Makin' babies!

I'm working late in my studio tonight, wondering what other artists are doing. Are they working late too? I find I'm more creative and relaxed at night.

I've been working on my baby faces. My latest one has seed bead eyes. MRS.T.BAGG has seed bead eyes so thought it would work on the baby too. I used blue beads as I thought that would look better for a baby but it's kind of creepy. And one of the eyes little googly! I'll try black or brown beads next time and if that doesn't look good I'll try painting them...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My second sculpted baby! I love U-tube!!

I studied some u-tube videos on how to sculpted tiny babies and the next thing ya know, I'm sculpting baby faces! I'm so excited to finally sculpt a baby I'm happy with. I've tried and tried but they always looked like MRS.T.BAGG with a facelift! Now I need to find a video on applying hair! Watch for baby sculpt number 3...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sculpting a Baby Face

I have tried many times to sculpt a baby face, but they often look like MRS.T.BAGG with a facelift!

Tonight I tried again. Better, but not yet.

Back to the studio...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nana Sockgoblin is one of my favorite characters!

This is Nana Sockgoblin and she's 1 of 3 goblin characters I've made to date. Her official name is Nana, The Mender. There is also Henry, The Yarner and Mary, Queen of Sockland.

The goblins clothing are made of old, unmated socks. I am currently working on a little storybook that will accompany each goblin character. I'm anxious to develop these creatures but I also have other little beings waiting to be plucked out of clay too! I often get side tracked when I'm in my dungeon/studio (the basement) and end up with unfinished projects all over my workspace!

Red Hat MRS.T.BAGG on Ebay this coming Monday...

I love making the custom red hats with big boa like feathers! She'll be online October 5th at 9am east coast time on Ebay, keyword- mrs.t.bagg or just click on the ebay link on this blog page. Check her out!

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