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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

Hi, my name is Rose Farnsworth Davis and I'm excited you found my blog!

I'm here to introduce you to my lovely little teacup ladies. They're known as MRS.T.BAGG and are handmade by myself and sold only on ebay at this time. I have just discovered etsy and will be opening a shop on that site in the near future.

Just 3 inches tall from tip to toe (so to speak!), MRS.T.BAGG was originally created as an amusing gift for customers who attended private tea parties at a popular combination Tea Room/antique store in Richmond, VA.
To my delight, MRS.T.BAGG became very popular and I soon took them to market. From there they were seen in many fashionable locations including the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, tea shops in England and Germany, numerous antique stores, gift shops, and Tea Houses throughout the U.S.A.

Today MRS.T.BAGG is offered as a resin reproduction of my original sculptures. After sculpting over 3000 MRS.T.BAGG faces, I had to find a more efficient way to keep up with the demand! I found a wonderful resin artist who makes hundreds of resin copies for me. He sends me the blanks and I then blush and hand paint every little face and assemble the darlings myself.
Each MRS.T.BAGG wears a handmade teatag with her name printed on one side and the MRS.T.BAGG logo on the flipside.

Self taught in a variety of mediums I have at last found my passion in sculpting with polymer clays. As a mom at home, I first discovered the clay while entertaining my children with art projects over a Christmas holiday. The children soon when back to school and I never quit playing. That was over 15 years ago. I have attended sculpting seminars since then by Bill Nelson and Jack Johnston and their encouragement has been inspiring. I have been recognized by the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild as a Master Artist, and have proudly attended the New York Toy Fair as a featured artist in the guild. MRS.T.BAGG makes me smile and my hope is to make you smile too! Rose Farnsworth Davis, Artist

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