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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Tea Party With Eleanor!

WoW, HaS iT bEeN tWo MoNtHs?
I almost feel as if I should reintroduce myself.
Rose Farnsworth Davis, artist, crafter, sculptor, seamstress, teacup & button collector, maker of Mrs.T.Bagg artdolls. A mother, daughter, grandmother, housewife and lover of all things french and italian.
What I "am not" is...

consistent with this blogger thing.

I don't know what happened. I really like blogging and reading blogs. I just... stopped. And now I'm back. For a while anyway.

Now, about that tea party
I thought I would throw a little tea party for all of you, my new friends in bloggerland, and in this way, introduce to you my cast of TeaCup ArtDolls, one at a time, over the next few weeks. These little ladies are infused with a lot of personality and they have been my companions now for over a decade. I love them dearly and I hope to entertain you with their charm and character!
So, please select your loveliest teacup, brew your favorite flavor of tea and relax in your favorite comfy chair. I would like you to meet...
I am very pleased to first introduce to you- Eleanor. She is named for Eleanor Roosevelt and is my signature Mrs.T.Bagg doll. I have used her picture in all my graphics and advertisment. Eleanor has graced my letterhead, business cards and gift tags.
In the beginning, this Mrs.T.Bagg art doll was the most popular. I originally created Mrs.T.Bagg while living in Richmond VA and I think this particular character resonated with the ladies of the east coast and of course near and around Capitol Hill. The resemblance to Ms. Roosevelt is of course due to the signature blue hat and her long, straight, "no nonsense" face.

I have actually given each Mrs.T.Bagg character a personality, a "profile" if you will. I've created trading cards with a little snippets of facts to accompany each Mrs.T.Bagg doll. I've used vintage greeting cards or postcards and altered them with photos of these little teacup darlings. They all have a common theme of cats, movies and tea of course!

I love cats and to my delight, so does Mrs.T.Bagg! Eleanor's two cats, Frankie and Truman, enjoy their presidential treatment as Eleanor spoils her tomcats with bowls of warm, sweet cream! And sweet cream turns her favorite raspberry herbal tea into a delicious, delectable desert.
Eleanor and myself both have a love of movies. The oldies especially. A few of Eleanor's favorites are "Meet John Doe" and "Mrs. Miniver". Her favorite actors are Greer Garson, Gary Cooper and Johnny Depp. Yep, Depp. We're, Depp fans! All of us.

At the bottom of each art trading card is a favorite quote that I've collected over the years. Eleanor's favorite quote is- "My mind works like lightning, one brilliant flash and it's gone!"

I do hope you've enjoyed tea with Eleanor.
If you get a chance, I'd love to discover what your favorite cup of tea is. And what is your choice of tea cup? A mug? Fine china?
Tonight I've enjoyed earl greyer in a blue stoneware mug.
What's your favorite? I look forward to "hearing" from you! ...Rose

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  1. Rose, I am so glad you are doing these posts. It is great to get the story behind each piece you do. Keep up the good work.


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